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What to Expect on Your Pet’s First Visit

Even if you are an experienced pet owner, a trip to the veterinarian with a new puppy or kitten can be a little overwhelming. At Memorial Town and Country Animal Read More

Pet Dental FAQs

Oral care is extremely important for pets. Poor dental hygiene can lead to all kinds of dental issues which may cause your pet to lose teeth. Our veterinarians at Memorial Read More

How Often Should Your Pet Have Teeth Cleaning?

Clean teeth are just as important for pets as they are for people. The difference is, your pets cannot brush their own teeth or go for a professional cleaning on Read More

Dog Skin Problems

Understanding Dog Skin Problems at Memorial Town and Country Animal Clinic Dog skin problems can develop suddenly at any time during a dog's life. Here in the Houston area, we see Read More

Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

Just like humans, pets can develop allergies. Allergies can be painful and irritating for your pets. Allergies are caused by environmental factors, food, and more. At Memorial Town and Country Read More

Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

The Importance of Preventative Medicine and Vaccinating Your Pets Vaccinations are very important for your pet’s health. The right vaccines will protect your pets from many dangerous diseases, such as Lyme Read More

How to Tell If Your Pet Has An Eye Infection

Since you are with your pet every day, you will probably notice even the slightest change in its behavior. Observation is a simple way of detecting potential pet problems that Read More

Why Dental Hygiene is Important for Pets

Why Dental Hygiene is Important for Pets As pet owners, we go above and beyond to give our pets companionship, support, and superior veterinary care. One crucial aspect of excellent health Read More

Caring for Your New Puppy or Kitten

Get Some Good Tips To Care For Your New Puppy Or Kitten Has the new year welcomed a new furry addition to your household? Having a new puppy or kitten in Read More

Surgical Services

Our Pet Surgery Services Our pets require unconditional love. They give us love whenever we need it the most. It is only fair that we return the favor. Love can come Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 10 posts